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Liberty Personally Designed Living™

Your Best Day, Every Day!


Liberty Personally Designed Living™ is a resident-centered model of care that recognizes and values independent choice, and creates opportunities for each person to determine how they wish to live within the community setting. Everything from sleep choices, meal choices, and care routines are structured by what the resident prefers. The care staff then sets its priorities and work routines to support these preferences.

Among other elements, residents are encouraged to design “My Best Day” the way they want to live it, giving information and preferences to the staff about when they wish to sleep and rise, what they would like to eat and other things that make them smile. 

Household “Chat Circles” provide a forum for mutual decisions among residents, family and staff that create the community they envision. This approach means a transformation of our communities from an institutionalized focus to an individualized orientation.

Liberty is holistic in nature and seeks the highest physical, mental, social, and spiritual well being for all,  offering care with choices to live your best day, every day!